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jQuery/Ajax XMLHttpRequest() problem in Internet Explorer – “Object doesn’t support this property or method”

This is a common problem with Microsoft Internet Explorer browser (with ActiveX, actually) and it has been present forever. While calling and Ajax function

req = new XMLHttpRequest();

IE will say that Object doesn’t support this property or method. In Firefox and Google Chrome above code works with no issues, so all we have to do is implement an if statement, checking for our browser. If the browser is detected as Internet Explorer, we will load ActiveX instead of XMLHttpRequest.

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Windows Update Page doesnt load in Internet Explorer, blank page

The problem, which I personally experienced was that when my NOD32 antivirus was giving me a notice saying that I have to perform my Windows XP update. By clicking on the link for the update, an empty Internet Explorer page popped out with an address http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com/. Refreshing that page didn’t give any results – the window was empty. There might also be several symptoms, such as blank page on windows update, unable to start system restore, web pages aren’t displaying properly, some applications aren’t working correctly, etc. To fix this, open your command prompt (click Start -> Run, then type cmd) and enter following commands:

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