vsftpd – FTP users cannot see hidden files (.htaccess/.htpasswd), display or hide them

Sometimes, after setting up a new development server, we tend to skip some parts of the set-up process, which in the end can lead to a big amount of wasted time and nerves. If you have set-up vsftpd as your FTP server and can not see the hidden files (so-called “dot-files”) and hidden folders when you log-in through FTP to your server, minor adjustment is needed in vsftpd.conf file.

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Plesk mail queue full of FAILURE NOTICE bounce back messages (qmail stuck, reject)

Not long ago we experienced a huge problem on our dedicated server hosted at GoDaddy with Plesk 9.5 control panel installed. Please note that if you are hosted at GoDaddy with Plesk, the server has a qMail mail daemon installed by default, running on Plesk-specific configuration.

First we received an automated email from GoDaddy stating that our SMTP limit of 1000 outgoing emails has been reached. First thing we do is we go to Plesk control panel -> Home -> Mail Server Settings -> Mail Queue. There we saw over 2500 emails, mostly FAILURE NOTICE emails to weird email addresses of different countries around the world – Germany, Canada, Russia, Ukraine, Cuba, Brazil, Thailand, etc. This had to be dealt with as soon as possible, because while the queue was full and our SMTP was turned off by GoDaddy, the clients hosted on our server were not able to send emails if they were using our SMTP server. To find out where those FAILURE NOTICE emails are originating from, we need an SSH access to the server with root priveledges. Remember the outgoing “weird” address of one of the latest messages in your queue. As soon as you enter the server in root mode:

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