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Embed Google Map with several locations (GeoCode addresses and display “info window” for each marker)

1. Include javascript at the top of the page. It will create a map, get a string of addresses and their respective “project names” and “amount of images” from a form that we fill during the database fetching process (see Step #3 below).

The script will then geocode each address (get latitude and longitude) and place a marker on the map. By clicking on the marker you will get an “info-window” (in our example – with project name and the amount of photos for each project). We specify the image for the marker as well.

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Form-based paging with PHP and JavaScript

If you have a blog or news section on your custom website, which you want to separate by pages, use the steps below to implement a paging module. First, I usually create a file called pager.php in your /includes/ folder. The content of that file is below:

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